Tripping Across Australia

When I was younger, one of my dreams was to become a traveler. I wanted to go places, see more than my town before I settled down. My dreams came true when I landed a job driving vacation tour buses. I’ve probably traveled to every corner of Australia; I’ve seen the sights, I’ve seen all manner of different kinds of people and there isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing.

Tour bus driving can be exciting work. Some ask me if I get bored, doing the same thing day in, day out. The answer to that is no. How can I possibly be bored of driving through this stunning and diverse country? Different days bring different places and different people.

Paid to Travel

Anyway, where else could I get paid to travel? How else would I get to see Australia without it costing me an arm and a leg?  I’ve been doing this job for some time now and I have no inclination whatsoever to change it.

Yesterday was one of the good days. It was the end of a three-day tour, one of my favorites in fact. I picked up my tour and headed to Ayers Rock, one of the most famous landmarks in Australia.  We started early because part of the trip was to see Ayers Rock, or Uluru as it’s known here, at Sunrise.

Stunning views accompanied the bus as I took my passengers on a leisurely drive across Uluru, through the Central Desert en-route to Alice Springs.  The tour goes via Kings Canyon and we stop off at the Olga Gorge and the Canyon on the way where guided walks are given and I get to catch up on a bit of sleep!

 One of the highlights is the cattle station at Alice Springs – it gives the passengers an idea of the size of the livestock business in Australia – followed by a visit to a remote town, what was one of the early telegraph towns.

Tips for the Driver

What I earn as a bus driver is more than enough to pay for my lifestyle but tips from the passengers are common. We don’t expect them but it tells us how much they’ve enjoyed their tour.  All of my tips are donated to a wonderful charity organization that helps people to sponsor a child in Australia and give children a better life overall.

Driving In The Australian Outbacks

Driving can be a very enjoyable experience if you have a thorough knowledge of exactly where you are going, which reduces the anxiety and stress of not having to deal in guessing if you are near getting near to your destination, or for most people that do not have a single clue on where they are. For more urban drivers that spend more time plying the inner roads of cities and towns, one of the hindrances of making a simple trip to a city or nearby town would sometimes be the usual traffic that congests the main thoroughfares. In such cases, it can be very helpful to have prior information to certain alternative routes which can point you out to detours that will shorten your travel time, avoiding traffic bottlenecks that can turn a pleasurable driving experience into a nightmare.

Maps have been a big help from the very start although they can be a bit cumbersome to handle since you have to frequently open them up to keep track of your current location. Added to this, you also have to make frequent stops at the curb just to read a map which adds up to your traveling time. Good thing that at this day and age, modern technology now allows us to use the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) navigational technology to accurately determine our current location in any part of the world in real time. GPS technology is already being used for almost the past 20 years or so and continues to improve along with the latest computer hardware which is used to reduce the size of its design, making them more compact and affordable for anyone to avail. For more about the latest GPS navigational systems, click here.

Motorcycle GPS and navigational computers for cars have become an essential part with the way people drive on a daily basis and are now included as a standard or optional accessory in new vehicles. City driving and passing through interstates can be very convenient while using GPS navigational systems since you also have an ocular means of getting an idea of where you are by signs that can be seen along the road or if you chance upon people as you can ask where you are. However, there are a lot of places on this Earth where there are no road signs or even people that you can stop and ask directions, in which case having a GPS can come in very handy. Such countries such as Australia, which has a total area of 7,692,024 square kilometers of land in which 90% is comprised of outback region.

Interestingly though, most of Australia’s population is located near the seaside where a majority of its large cities like Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Darwin and Brisbane, with the exception of Alice Springs which is located right smack in the middle of the Australian continent. Australia is one of the biggest countries that anyone can plan to visit and tourism happens to be one of their most biggest business that draws in a lot of tourists from all over the world because of their country’s very nice weather. Most of these tourist did not come to Australia to see the cities, but came to see the arid outbacks because of its renowned natural beauty. Cross country tours into the Australian outback usually means taking a ride on a cross country tourist bus.

During the early years of Australia’s thriving tourist industry, cross country tour bus drivers would always rely on maps to get to where they are going, in which it usually means making convenient stops at hotels and accommodations when the sun sets as driving in the outbacks at night can be pretty confusing as many travelers can easily get lost at night with just one wrong turn. Today, that would not pose as so much of a problem as most tour buses use GPS navigational systems that lets them drive all night long without any risk of getting lost and considering how huge Australia is, traveling the outbacks without any navigational guidance from GPS systems is not recommended. A variety of GPS mounting systems help them fix the GPS in any place they need.

The use of GPS navigational systems by tour operators in Australia has improved the tourism industry that it enabled tourists to travel across the Australian plains on a 24 hour basis, increasing their means of accommodating tourists to all points of the country. What’s best about using GPS navigational systems with comparison to maps is the feature of GPS systems to indicate all interesting and important way points that could be found along their route such as gasoline stations, hotels, restaurants and most importantly of all, hospitals. Traditional maps can only provide a rough estimate of where you assume you could be and unlike GPS navigational systems, maps can already be considered antiquated, unless of course you are left with no other option.

Besides the convenience that GPS systems provide with regard to the accuracy that it gives, it also can provide the latest traffic updates and re-routing guidelines on an hourly basis with regard to your current location. It can even give you the latest updates to pre-existing business establishments all throughout your route which is very important in cases in which you have to make emergency stops for any reasons. As to driving through the Australian outback, GPS systems can be very useful in any situations, particularly if you happen to experience engine trouble with your vehicle in the middle of nowhere. You can easily call for help on your phone and give your exact location so that towing services can come to your aide with an easier means of finding you.

The Australian outback can be an unforgiving place if you choose to travel without preparing for the unexpected. There had been numerous stories of how people got lost in which rescuers and search parties had difficulty in finding them. Of course, those were the days when people did not have GPS systems to guide them to their destination compared today in which we can easily enjoy driving to almost anywhere we choose without getting lost. The Australian outback is one of the most mysterious and awe inspiring places in the world and enjoying the beauty of its natural landscape has never been as enjoyable as before, thanks to the technology of GPS navigational systems.

One for the Road: Thoughts of a Vacation Tour Bus Driver

I always get the chance to meet people from different walks of life as a bus driver who drives vacation tour buses across Australia. Not a lot of people think it’s the best way to get to know other people, but as someone used to seeing a long stretch of road in front of me all the time, it is quite exciting to observe and to interact with those who step on and off the vehicle. I believe that there is always something unique about each person because he or she has an interesting story to tell or a fascinating lesson to share.

In the years I’ve spent driving, I’ve learned that there are a variety of reasons why they get on in the first place. Some just long for some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of city life, while others just love the thought of exploring other parts of the country. Yet the most interesting ones are the people who are tied to their work through their new gadgets or technology, even if they had signed up for the ride as part of their “vacation”. Like just the other day, I overheard a serious fellow talking on the phone to someone about something like “SIP trunking” (later, I came upon this due to my curiosity about what it was) for his business to “lessen operating costs”, and I thought to myself as I looked at him in the mirror, “How can he enjoy his life when he won’t stop working and seeing the beauty around him?” He then confirmed my thoughts by carrying out his conversation for a good ten to fifteen minutes, ending the call with a worried look on his face and sleeping for the remainder of the trip. I chuckled to myself as he had apparently missed out on the breathtaking view of the highway and the countryside and the pretty lady sitting beside him waiting for him to show interest. When he was about to exit the bus at the end of the tour, I stopped him and said, “Hey mate, life’s short. You go enjoy yourself,” before closing the doors on his confused expression.

Ah, the life of a bus driver is quite exciting indeed.

Owning a Vacation Home in the Australian Outback

Having driven tourist buses for a number of years, I can truly say that I have seen much of the beauty of Australia. Among the places that I have visited in my journeys, the Australian outback stands out as one of my favorites. For some people, the place might seem unforgiving, with vast tracts of desert and scant vegetation. For me, however, the remoteness and the ruggedness of the sun-scorched land only add to its beauty. The outback is where I get to see the most blazing of sunsets that seem to light the hills on fire. I know several people who call the place their home and they are certainly an interesting bunch. The stories that I have heard from them about life in the outback is probably one of the reasons why I am seriously thinking about owning a vacation home there before I retire.   

People buy vacation homes for a number of reasons, not only for the financial ones. For me, a vacation home can be a refuge when I want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Being in the tourism business, I deal with numerous people on a daily basis. This is why solitude, which the outback amply provides, is sometimes a very welcome change.  

Additionally, buying a vacation home may be a good investment. It can be source of passive income if I choose to rent it out during the tourist season. However, good financial sense also dictates that I have to consider the cost of owning one. Before deciding to build or purchase the home, I have to seriously consider if I can afford to pay for it.  A second home will entail additional funds for taxes, utilities, repair and maintenance and mortgage payments. I think I need to do some serious financial planning to realize my dream vacation home in the near future.

The type of outback dwelling I intend to own does not need to be luxurious but it has to have sufficient amenities for a comfortable stay. Being an extreme lover of the outdoors, one feature that my home will have is a patio with a good view of the outback’s landscape. Currently, I am checking out designs for my patio and gazebo on this site, for some inspiration on how my future yard will look.

Even if having my own vacation home is a very inviting prospect at present, I am also aware that it requires a degree of responsibility, especially with regards to finances. It will take years for me to realize this dream, but it is one that is really worth aiming for.

Australia Has Medical Tourism and I Didn’t Know It

The first time I heard the term “medical tourism” was when it was discussed by some Asian passengers I had on board. They were talking about Thailand and procedures that were mostly cosmetic. Since then, I started associating medical tourism with cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries, along with “sex change” for transsexuals.

I’ve driven my bus to many places including to areas dotted by cosmetic surgery clinics that offer liposuction in Melbourne. I’ve also seen clinics that offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures like face lift, dermal fillers, body contouring, and liposuction in Phoenix. The facade of an aesthetic center is quite familiar to me. I can somehow distinguish a cosmetic clinic from one that offers medical or health and wellness related services. Well, before you have any weird thoughts about me, let me just clarify that this familiarity is because of my curiosity. I was really amazed to have learned that Australia has medical tourism. I wanted to be familiar with the destinations because the concept is entirely new to me.

I have never encountered passengers who come in groups to have some kind of medical treatment in Australia. I asked colleagues if they also had the chance to meet groups of tourists who visit Australia for medical tourism and they all responded in the negative.

However, it appears my idea of medical tourism is far from accurate. It’s not really just about cosmetic surgery. It’s not just about augmenting busts, enhancing hips and butts, rhinoplasty, or changing the shape of the face. Medical tourism covers the whole spectrum of medical treatment. It has only been more popularly associated with cosmetic procedures because this is the majority of what people avail of in Asian destinations for medical tourism. Many go to countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea for nose lifts, breast augmentations, skin tightening, and even vaginal procedures.

Medical tourism also includes complicated dental procedures. These include teeth alignment, whitening, and the installation of dentures and dental implants. There are also those who go to Asian countries for the treatment of major illnesses. Basically, what drives medical tourism in Asian countries is the price. Most clinics charge low rates and are able to provide good service quality. As mentioned in one article about medical tourism in Australia, there are Australians who complain about the steep prices of procedures in Australia without receiving excellent service quality.

It is estimated that around 15,000 Australians go for medical tourism abroad every year. As mentioned, one of the reasons for this is the lower price. It is also worth noting that there’s another reason why people go abroad especially for cosmetic treatments. This reason is the assurance of secrecy or the confidentiality of the procedures done. Since the doctors are in another country, it will be easier to keep everything secret.

Apparently, medical tourism in Australia does exist but it’s nowhere near the popularity of medical tourism in Asia. Also, as reported in one study, there are many challenges Australia faces to be able to establish a credible medical tourism industry. More coordination is required. It will be helpful if medical tourism providers are able to create a network or an industry association. Additionally, the government regulation can be justified to make sure that the industry develops into something that can really attract medical tourists, both local and foreign.

The Perks of Being a Tour Bus Driver

Tourism plays a very big role in maintaining a good economy because of the job and revenue it brings to the society. Every year, millions of tourists visit Australia for their popular tourist destinations such as Cairns, Magnetic Island, Avers Rocks, and more. They normally stay for a minimum of 3 days up to a maximum of 2 weeks, giving them ample time to explore and discover the beauty of the country.

There are a lot of in-demand jobs today that are associated with the tourism industry. My job as a tour bus driver is one of the best examples. Unlike other hospitality jobs, I only have a few requirements that include an updated driver’s license and basic knowledge of Australia’s most visited tourist spots.

It is very rewarding for me to see the smile from a tourist’s face whenever we visit a beautiful place. I have witnessed a lot of them falling in love with Australia and it makes me proud to be a citizen of this country. For the longest time of providing a high-quality service for the tourism industry, I have never dealt with tourists that have a bad behavior. Some of my fellow tour bus drivers share their stories with these types of travelers, and I feel bad for them.

Though I am a loyal tour bus driver from Australia, I also dream of working in other countries like China. Aside from the fact that I admire their rich culture, I also heard that the Chinese people are lovely and easy to deal with. In my age of 35, I still want to be employed by a travel agency that conducts China Tours like this one.

My service is not limited to Australian residents only. I also deal with different races such as Asians, Americans, and other nationalities. Asians are my favorite because they highly appreciate most of the sceneries that we visit, and they really love taking photos as souvenir for their tour. They are also friendly and enthusiastic when it comes to new information like a place’s history and the must-try activities that they should experience.

I Love Being a Tour Bus Driver

I have been working as a bus driver for over a decade now, and I’m not going to leave my job anytime soon. There are many reasons why I really love my job and won’t leave it to pursue another career. One of these reasons happens to be the fact that being a bus driver allows me to enjoy the beauty of Australia every day. Not only that, I also get to share the experience with so many interesting people from different places every day I work. There’s really nothing that can compare to such experiences.

Now, if you know a bit about my lifestyle, then you’re probably wondering how I’m able to live comfortably despite only being a tour bus driver. This is actually what I’m going to talk about in this post. The truth is that I’m able to pursue my passion while living a comfortable lifestyle at the same time because I do binary options trading (learn more by clicking this link). The best part is that you can benefit from doing what I do too.

What exactly is binary options trading? Binary options trading (find out more here), if you didn’t know, is currently the most popular form of online trading in the world. And rightly so. After all, when compared to other forms of online trading, one can easily see that binary options trading is very easy to do.

Just how does one do binary options trading? To do binary options trading, people just have buy options from brokerages and then place trades on them. To place a trade on an option, people just have to guess if the value of the underlying asset it’s for is going to go up or down by a certain time. A correct guess will always make money for a trader.

There are many brokerages out there, but in my case, I work with Banc de Binary. I believe that working with Banc de Binary plays a big part in me making a lot of money off binary options trading. This is because Banc de Binary, in addition to being regulated by the CySec, offers amazing services to its clients. These services include, but are not limited to: binary options trading signals, access to hundreds of underlying assets from so many different parts of the world, and an intuitive trading platform. Considering these things alone, it’s easy for people to see how a bus driver like me can have the lifestyle of a high-ranking corporate officer.

Hopefully, this post of mine ends up proving helpful to all of my readers. It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a bus driver like me, an artist, or some other kind of professional. Whatever the case may be, know that you can’t make financial problems a reason for not pursuing what you want in life anymore. Through binary options trading alone, you can supplement your main income greatly and live a comfortable lifestyle. So long as you work with an amazing brokerage and learn how to do binary option trading properly, you won’t be running into any big problems.

How to Clean Bus Seats Using Kitchen Supplies

Bus seats, especially the non-porous ones, do need regular cleaning. You may think that doing it by yourself may be so time-consuming and complicated when in fact, it is very simple and easy. More than that, the cleaning materials may be in your kitchen supplies or elsewhere around your house.

First, you need to clean the leather seats to remove the dirt and oil they have acquired. For this, you need a towel or rag and a soft brush. If you are cleaning sensitive leather and you worry that you ruin it, you can use a common cleaner or make your own by mixing kitchen cleaner and water. This does the job and makes the seats germ-free too!

Once you are done with cleaning the leather or vinyl seats, you would need a clean rag to dry off the seats. Make sure the material is completely dry and free from any cleaner residue. Otherwise, it may be hard for you to perform the next step.

Next step is to condition your car seats. You can buy high quality conditioners from local stores as well as online shops. The higher the quality, the more expensive the conditioner gets. However, the method would be the same whichever you purchase. It is still advisable that you get the premium brand to make sure it would not harm your leather or vinyl seats.

Apply the conditioner using a sponge or a soft rag and apply it to the seats evenly. Imagine that you are applying sunscreen to your skin. You need to rub the sponge with conditioner smoothly.

You would need to leave it for 12 hours so the leather absorbs the conditioner. If it’s just vinyl or some form of plastic, then it’s okay to just wipe it off the conditioner and buff the seats a little bit using a clean rag. Make sure to park the bus on a garage or at a place with shade as exposure to sunlight may damage the seats. And that is it! Now your bus has clean seats.

The Downsides of Being a Vacation Bus Driver – Work Hours, Family Issues, Hair Thinning & More

I vividly remember that, as a kid, I’d wait for my father to return home from work and let me climb aboard the bonnet of his old Vauxhall and sit atop till he parked it. He used to drive the huge red siren screaming and bells tolling fire-tenders and I’d secretly made up my mind to do the same. Things don’t always pan out the way you want them to, as Robert Burns said:

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley

I found my calling in driving local buses around Melbourne, a dull and tiresome routine. As soon as I had enough experience driving large buses, I branched off into tourism-as a bus driver of tourist coaches around Australia. I’d only heard about my country, but seen nothing other than the streets of Melbourne. This was a two-in-one shot; indulge myself in driving luxury coaches and get around the country and, at times, hop across into Tasmania. I’m a bit of an extrovert and like meeting and chatting up people I’d never even seen before. So there I was, happy to the core.

There was a drawback that became pronounced as I grew more senior in the system. I was away from home for a week to ten days at a stretch, with hardly a break between two tours. My family time suffered, and I was not around to watch my children grow up. My wife was lonely and I was petrified that she’d have an affair with some vague person, breaking my heart. Working hours were inconsistent, as I was at the beck and call of the tourists. I rarely got eight straight hours of sleep, or fresh and wholesome food to eat. Life can get tough for us drivers.

I used to have a Company cap on all the time and possibly didn’t give my hair enough air or care. I was shocked when I discovered falling hair in the teeth of my comb. My genes must have been fully hair laden, as both my mom and dad had thick crops of hair that went grey with time. I was bathing in different kinds of water every day and when I went to see a doctor, he said that I was under stress for prolonged periods of time. When all negatives were put together, they did not favor proper hair growth and would lead to a bald pate. He suggested a shampoo to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

I read up online about hair loss and found that using a shampoo to aid hair growth while also slowly preventing hair loss was a convenient and cost effective method of treatment. The best hair growth shampoos, beauty blogger Michelle Evans say, promote faster hair growth because they contain some or all of the following ingredients:

  • Caffeine: Promotes hair growth by stimulating my hair follicles.
  • Biotin: Also called Vitamin H, it reduces hair loss in both men and women.
  • Saw Palmetto: Rated very effective at treating male and female pattern hair loss.
  • Vitamin B6: Regulates hormones in my body that militate against hair loss.
  • Lactic Acid: Helps stimulate a natural response against hair damage and loss.
  • Keratin: A major component of hair and follicles, its addition strengthens the two.

I therefore started using hair loss shampoo every day and guess what mate, it works! Hurrah. . .

But life can have other pitfalls too. I had the dreaded zits in my teens, which I could just about regulate with anti-acne lotions and creams. Eating greasy food and washing my face in different types of water later in life as a tourist bus driver brought the damned acne back. Not only were the zits visible on my face, they sprouted on my back and chest as well. This was definitely related to my peripatetic lifestyle-I had no doubts about this issue. They affected the way I slept, as I’d often find my shirt stained with ugly pus stains when I slept on my back. This was the last straw. I opted for the best and latest therapy for adult acne, after browsing acne product comparisons on, featuring acne treatments that work.

I first went to a specialist in adult acne treatment and he used laser therapy, focusing first on my chest and back acne. He was most careful when radiating my face, for obvious reasons. Ma Macbeth’s “Out, damned spot,” worked, but the therapist said that the effect would last only a month, so I should get myself “lasered” for at least three months. His charges were high, so I went and bought a portable laser device and smoothening lotion for application after treatment, for a shade under $A 500. I leave the machine at home, but carry the lotion along on trips. I’m quite happy on that front today.

4 Wheel Driving Offers Some Of Australia’s Most Interesting Driving

Whilst it might seem strange that I love driving given that I’m a professional driver I would have to say that I do. I love the work I do on the buses and when I have time off from my job I go driving as well.

But I don’t just drive around anywhere. I own a Toyota Landcruiser and as a member of the Toyota Landcruiser Club I go on short trips in some of Australia’s most challenging driving.

East of Melbourne is what is known as the “high plains“. The high plains are area at the mountains almost totally covered by forest and in very mountainous terrain.

Throughout this area there are many wonderful four wheel drive tracks. In fact the entire area is crisscrossed with 4 wheel drive tracks. This has become particularly obvious since the serious bushfires 2 summers ago as much of the forest has been burnt and from the mountain tops you can see all of these tracks running up the ridges.

Some of them have some interesting and unusual names. Billy Goat Bluff Track, for example, is an extremely steep track very popular among off road drivers leading up to one of the best lookouts in Australia called “The Pinnacles”. It is a very challenging track, particularly as it is very narrow in places and you are very likely to find a large group of vehicles either ascending or descending at the same time you are trying to do the same.

Other interesting tracks in the same area lead down to one of the most beautiful valleys in the high plains, Wonnangatta Valley. This valley is one of the most famous in Australia, having, over a century ago, been the location of the very famous Wonnangatta Station. This station is known for a very old and unsolved murder mystery involving people living at the station. Several books have been written about the famous Wonnangatta murders.

The Wonnangatta River flows through this valley and is a favourite campsite of many of road driving enthusiasts. At peak times in summer you can see numerous campsites spread up and down the river.

Wonnangatta Valley is one of my favourite camping and fishing destinations. It’s a challenging drive to get there and then once you’ve arrived offers some of the most beautiful camping and best trout fishing in the area.

I was recently there camping and had some fantastic fishing in the Wonnangatta River. One particularly funny moment comes to mind when I realised, after dropping my flyfishing vest, that I had lost my favorite knife and knife sharpener in the river and spent the next half-hour stark naked swimming around looking for both of them. I found my knife but eventually I had to buy a new knife sharpener at

There’s no doubt, if you’re an off road and four wheel driving enthusiast that you can do much worse than spending some of your time driving around the beautiful high plains and Wonnangatta Valley.

The Australian high plains are a Wonnangatta wonderful place to visit if you’re a tourist coming to Australia. Of course some of the bus tours that I run also go to some of Australia’s most fantastic tourist destinations. However there are no bus tours in the high plains.

To get there you’ve got to hire a 4 wheel drive and drive there yourself. It’s the only way.

Tips for the Aspiring Tour Drivers

I’ve been driving the same bus along similar tours routes for a while now. Some days I don’t feel like getting dressed and hopping in that driver’s seat. But I always do.

I’ve learned ways to make even the most mundane of days enjoyable. And I want to pass those methods of motivation on to other people who are looking to get into the business.

Have Fun

Most days I really enjoy my job-driving people around to places they have never seen before. But that’s because I know how to enjoy myself. I don’t just look straight ahead and keep my mouth shut. I converse with my customers and even get to know them a little. For me, the route doesn’t really change, but for them, it’s an entirely new experience.

So I find out what they think about the tour and the locations we visit. Everyone has a unique perspective, and maybe some of them have similar experiences they want to share and compare. And even when the route doesn’t change, the people do. So I find out a little about them. That’s my tour each day- discovering new people from exotic locations. Maybe they are from out of the country or from the other side of Australia. Either way, they have something unique to bring to the tour. I make sure to take them all over the local neighborhoods just to make sure they get a glimpse of all of the great cottages and small town feel that a lot of people do not get. There’s a corridor in Melbourne specifically where all of the garage door in Melbourne are painted different colors and with murals. It’s a small tourist attraction that not many drivers know about and my customers always seem to love it.

Break Up the Tedium

There will always be the places along the tour that I “have” to visit. Tourists expect to see certain sites, and I cannot just change my itinerary just because I feel like doing something different. That being said, there are different ways to reach the various sights. Sometimes the people on the tours have taken my tour before, and they appreciate a change of scenery, no matter how slight.

I also find that it helps to break up the monotony of the tour if I vary the lengths of the stops. Sometimes the first stop will be for ten minutes, sometimes it will be for five. It’s not a big change, but it’s enough to make sure every day isn’t the same thing.

I try to do narrated tours when I can. It may be easy to rehearse and repeat the same lines each tour. But it also gets boring. So I mix it up a bit, use different anecdotes and tell a slightly different story. Sometimes this means I have to do a little research and find out something new about the places we pass by. And the ones who have been on the tour before are the one who appreciate the little changes the most. I find if I change things up a bit each time, I’m more likely to get repeat customers.

Do Your Own Thing

If my tour was like everyone else’s, then I’d be in direct competition and I might have to lower my prices. Instead, I try to keep things original as much as I can. I don’t have the same route or visit the same sights as the people who do tours around me. That gives customers a reason to visit us both. But I also try to throw some of my own flavor into the proceedings.

I think if you have your own jokes to tell, maybe even do a little routine or a reenactment, then you can give some real personality to a tour. I’ve seen some bus drivers even create a character. This works for some guys, and they become very into their characters. It gives the tour something no other tour has, and it’s like its own little show within the tour.

Not everyone will be able to pull off something like this, but it’s a great way to attract customers to a tour and make a name for yourself. Another thing I’ve seen done is to theme a tour. So maybe you paint up your bus with perhaps a pirate theme and you wear a pirate hat and talk like a pirate might. Then you do your whole tour with a running theme, and it creates something really unique. Once again, it’s not something everyone is able to do, but these original experiences are good ways to draw in customers and build word of mouth followings.

Don’t Forget the Customers

As important as it is to enjoy yourself and shake things up a bit every now and then, you can’t forget about the people paying for it. Make sure no matter what your route, that you are stopping for people to pick up refreshments or to get out and stretch from time to time. And do try to drive safely at all time. These people are leaving their cars locked behind their garage doors and are trusting you to take care of them. It’s not a responsibility to take lightly.

An Important Lesson from One of the Tourists I Recently Conversed with

I have been working as a tour bus driver in Australia for the better part of the last decade. Although most people would think that being a bus driver is a dead-end job, I really love doing it. To be honest with you, I don’t think I’ll even bother to find another line of work. I can see myself doing what I’m doing now well into the future. Although being a tour bus driver doesn’t pay that well, I love the perks that come with the job. I can confidently say that I am much happier than most of the people with high paying jobs that I’ve met.

One of the best things about being a tour bus driver is that I get to converse with people from different parts of the world. You see, I am the type of person who loves hearing their stories. There’s really nothing like gaining a new perspective on life because of a wonderful life story you hear. Through the stories I hear from my passengers, I am able to live their lives vicariously and gain wonderful insights into the way the world works.

In this post, I am going to talk about one of the tourists I recently talked to, “Mike.” Mike is a tourist from Toronto who went on vacation here in Australia because like me, he is an outdoorsy person.

Mike, when you look at him, seems to be an ordinary tourist. But actually, there’s a lot more to Mike than meets the eye. For one, Mike has actually won a lot of awards for his work. He is actually an interior designer whose clientele consists of A-list celebrities and notable personages from all over the world. In addition, Mike does work with the best home renovations companies in Canada (e.g. that has earned him so much respect in the design community as well as money. Despite this, though, Mike remains humble.

The thing Mike told me that stuck with me the most is this one piece of advice: stay passionate. He believes that when making a living, passion should always come before monetary considerations. Not only that, he also told me that success shouldn’t be pursued like it’s the end all and be all of work. He told me that passion should be the most important thing when it comes to work, that everything else is incidental. He told me that this is the key to having a very satisfactory work life. I totally agree with him.

By being passionate about his work, Mike, for one, has been able to create amazing houses with the people he has worked with. When it comes to home renovations, Toronto homeowners only hire the companies that work with Mike. This is because Mike’s passion for his work infects those he works with, and they end up giving their best when it comes to creating designs. The home renovation jobs of the companies Mike works with always end up raising the value of their clients’ homes. It’s really amazing. From the stories Mike told me, I really learned an important lesson about passion and vocation. I hope you did so too.

Affording a Carefree Lifestyle Through Binary Options Trading

I have been working as a vacation tour bus driver in Australia for the better part of the decade. Most people ask me, when are you going to find a real job? I always tell them that I see myself working as a bus driver well into the future. I love being a vacation tour bus driver. It allows me to see the many beautiful sights of Australia on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t want to be able to enjoy everything that Australia has to offer all the time?

Of course, many people further ask about how I am able to afford my lifestyle despite working as a tour bus driver. The truth is that that I don’t just rely on my income as a bus driver to be able to support myself. Just like most other Australians who live a carefree lifestyle, I do binary options trading. Anyone can profit from binary options trading; they just have to make sure that they are working with a great brokerage. Banc de Binary is the number one choice of Australian traders; just like them, I definitely recommend the company to anyone who is new to binary options trading.

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Now, the most pressing question on your mind is probably this: Is Banc de Binary legitimate? I am glad to tell you that yes, Banc de Binary is a legitimate brokerage. In fact, it is even regulated by the CySec. What this means is that people can expect the brokerage to always do great business with their clients, that it will follow the strictest trading laws and regulations so that it is able to best provide for the needs of its clients.

If you want to be able to live a carefree lifestyle like I do, I highly suggest that you look into doing binary options trading. Through binary options trading, you can greatly supplement your income. Just spending an hour or two a day doing binary options trading is enough to make one earn thousands of dollars a month. People just have to make sure that they are working with a legitimate brokerage such as Banc de Binary to ensure their success. I am actually not the only one who does binary options trading to be able to live a carefree lifestyle. Do a search on Google or some other search engine and you will see that so many people from all over the world do the same thing.