Austrailian Firearm Laws – What To Know When Touring Austrailia By Bus

If you live in Australia, or plan on visiting, you should get yourself acquainted with their gun laws especially if you’re going to want to own a gun or carry one around with you. Firearm regulations are restrictive in Australia and these regulations are enforced by local state and territory authorities so therefore carrying firearms are prohibited in most cases. Because of this, you’ll need to the gun laws before you accidentally get caught with a firearm that you didn’t know you should have. The current laws pertaining to gun control in Australia is included in the National Firearms Agreement (the NFA) which was signed in 1996 and the NFTPA in 2002.

Although the second amendment in the constitution states the right to bear arms, the right to own a gun in Australia is not guaranteed by law. In addition, civilians are prohibited to own automatic and semi-automatic firearms, firearms that self-load, handguns that exceed 38in calibre, or pump action shotguns. There are a few narrow exemptions to this law such as semi-automatic firearms which have a barrel length that’s less than 120mm and revolvers in which have a barrel length of less than 100mm are not as prohibited. If you do own a gun, you should get it in a secure location like the options presented by this site specializing in looking at all the best gun safes on the market today.

In Australia, carrying a firearm in public, regardless of whether it’s carried openly or consoled, is prohibited unless you have a genuine reason for doing so. However, just like the other firearm regulations, for personal protection is not considered a genuine reason for carrying a firearm in public. Therefore, if you aren’t carrying a gun under what Australia considers are genuine reasons, it’s against the law to take a gun out in public, such as on a bus.

In addition to having a genuine reason for having a gun, in Australia, only those who are licensed gun owners have the right to possess to own a firearm. Furthermore, in order to obtain a license, you must have genuine reasons for wanting one; Hunting, collection, target shooting, occupational uses, and pest control are a few examples of what genuine reasons would be. Wanting a license for self-defense is not a genuine reason. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to obtain a license. Applicants must also pass a background check which takes into consideration criminal, mental, addiction, domestic violence, physical, residential, and more. Those who have been charged with domestic assault will not be issued a license.

The penalty for carrying a gun without having the proper license or having a concealed weapon in public, such as on a tour bus, could result in receiving the maximum penalty of 20 years in prison for illicit firearm possession. The sentence depends on the jurisdiction in which the firearm was carried and the category of the firearm. In any case, even if you do obtain a license to own a gun, you can still be found guilty of illicit firearm possession if you carry a categorized gun in which you haven’t been allowed to carry, such as an automatic or semi-automatic firearm. You can visit this site for additional info on gun safety.

Why I Love Being a Tour Bus Driver Here in Australia

I work as a tour bus driver in Australia. Although I have a lot of opportunities, I choose to drive tourists around Sydney. There are many reasons why I do this, one of them being the fact that I love seeing the look of awe on the faces of the tourists I drive around the city. Also, I love how relaxing driving for a living can be. With most 9-to-5 jobs, you’re already stressed out by 5 p.m. This isn’t the case when one’s a tour bus driver. When one’s a tour bus driver, one’s still very relaxed at the end of the day because of the sights they see.

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It goes without saying that because I do online trading, I need to make sure that my books are tended to properly. Unfortunately, I can’t do this on my own as I also have a day job. Luckily for me, it’s now easy to find a bookkeeper. By making a few searches on Google, I was able to find a reliable bookkeeper to take care of my bookkeeping needs. My bookkeeper is really good at what she does, this is because she did bookkeeping in Toronto for ten years before she moved to Sydney. Through my bookkeeper’s help, I don’t ever encounter tax problems and all my papers are filed on time. Also, despite being very experienced and offering amazing services, my bookkeeper’s rates are very affordable – this is such a great boon.

Because I am able to profit a lot from online trading, I don’t have to worry about the pay I receive from being a tour bus driver. Also, because online trading and driving a tour bus are my two main sources of income, I get to have a lot of free time. Unlike most of my friends from college, I have enough time to actually pursue my passion: music. Right now, I’m recording a solo album which I plan to release on an independent label here in Australia.

Hopefully, what I’ve written here will give my readers amazing insights. I’m not saying that they should be a tour bus driver/online trader too, I’m just saying that it is very much possible to have a relaxed lifestyle and be able pursue their passion at the same time. If you, however, actually want to go through the same route as I did, do so. If you want to do online trading too, I suggest you go to the website of the bookkeeping firm my bookkeeper works for (you can visit their website here). By getting helping from good bookkeeper, you won’t run into trouble with tax authorities when you do online trading. Do what you want – so long as you are smart about it, you won’t have to worry about your finances.

The Day I Retire and Stop Driving Busses

I hate to think about the day I retire, simply because I love driving buses so much. I recall almost all of my trips over the years, from taking scores of children to The Big Rocking Horse in South Australia through to the over 50′s tour of the Kimberly Ranges in Western Australia. There hasn’t been a trip that I regret and I have met so many people and had so many remarkable experiences driving tour buses I could fill a book. However, like everyone, I know that someday I will have to retire and give up my bus driving. I am not looking forward to this day, but I do have a retirement plan.

My Plan
Once I give up driving my tour bus I plan on selling up the family home and moving into a retirement village close to my kids. I want more time to play with the grandkids and to be able to take them fishing on the weekends and school holidays would be fantastic. One of the hardest things about driving a tour bus is to remain active and I also plan on taking up golf and lawn bowls so that I remain active during retirement. I have worked hard to remain at a healthy weight while driving buses and I don’t want to let myself go when I retire. I also plan on doing some bus tours when I retire, but this time as a paying customer.

I am fortunate to have a son-in-law who works in the finance industry and he has given me lots of advice regarding my retirement finance plan. He was the one that helped me learn to use online resources such as this one to compare super funds to make sure that my fund was giving me the very best performance possible. By his calculations I have increased my retirement savings by as much as $30,000 by doing this. He has also helped me make some sound investment choices, which I’m hoping will be able to provide for my lifestyle during retirement. I was never much good with money so I am very thankful for my son-in-law’s advice.

Preparing for the Big Day
It will be hard to remove the keys and walk out of the bus for the last time, but I have been trying to get myself used to the idea of retiring from my job in a gradual way. Firstly, I have reduced the number of hours I am working each week and I have stopped driving any long term tour buses. I have also begun to share some of my insights with the other drivers and they have been very thankful that I’ve been able to do this for them. My company has also been gracious enough to offer me open access to the office any time I want to drop in after a retire to catch up with all of my mates. I have no doubt that there will be many times I pop into the old bus depot to catch up with all the going ons in the company.

How Binary Options Trading Lets Me Afford My Lifestyle

For about ten years now, I have been working as a driver for a tour bus here in Australia. I really love my job. It’s really fun seeing so many tourists have a great time because of the sights I take them to. Of course, it goes without saying that I don’t earn a lot from what I so. Still, I’m fine with it; this is because I am able to make a lot of money on the side. By doing binary options trading, I don’t have to worry about my finances despite not making that much money from my main job.

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Due to the fact that I earn so much through binary options trading, I can afford to live a more relaxed lifestyle. The great news is that everyone else can do so too. One just needs to find the right brokerage for them and learn everything they can about trading. By doing so, they can make lots of money from it and be able to concentrate on what they really want to do in life. Through binary options trading, anyone can live their dreams.

Hopefully, what I have written here will prove helpful to my readers, especially the ones who are tired of the 9 to 5 grind. Before any of my readers decide to quit their day job and just focus on trading binary options, though, I suggest they try out the services of a brokerage or two first. That way, they will be able to know whether it’s the right financial instrument for them. There are many forms of online trading, and it just might be possible that some of my readers are better with them than with binary options. Of course, this is a very unlikely scenario seeing as binary options are the easiest to deal with, despite yielding larger returns.

Found a Way to Pay for Your Australian Holiday? Good On Ya!

A lot of Australian establishments are BYO, meaning: “bring your own drink”. Pretty much all of them are “bring your own money”. As a bus driver who takes tourists all over the outback, I’ve gotten the chance to meet an awful lot of people. A few of them have found some fairly imaginative ways to pay for their getaways.

One of them is barter. Over a cuppa, a young couple told me how they traded their writing services for a hotel stay. This couple specialized in online copywriting (writing advertising copy for websites). They noticed the website of a particular hotel was less then stellar. In exchange for a night’s stay, they offered to rewrite and reorganize the hotel’s website. The hotel’s owner/manager jumped on the chance to improve his overall business by giving away a single night’s stay.

Because hotels are often operating at less than full capacity, some of them, especially the smaller operations, are willing to make a trade. You can do the work before you leave on your trip, or, if there’s no time for that, you can do it while you’re away. Do a bit of hard yakka in the morning, and in the arvo you can relax and enjoy the sights.

Another couple told me they couldn’t have afforded a flight down under if they hadn’t tacked their leisure-time activities onto a business trip. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’re hearing about doing such a thing, but a lot of people worry that they’re doing something wrong. There’s no need to cheat anyone to make this sort of arrangement happen. As this couple I met said, you can just be honest with your employer about your plans. If your company has a legitimate reason to send you abroad, then they won’t mind paying for your flight, and you can pay for the more entertaining segments of your stay.

Here’s one more story a tourist told me. This particular traveler had received a settlement offer in connection with a legal claim. Apparently, such settlements are often paid over time, in small increments. This mate’s payments were too small to cover a trip to Australia, so he sold the entire settlement. He traded his annuity to a structured settlement company for an instant block of cash he could use on vacation. If you’re itching to travel and need to identify a structured settlement company, you can find out more about that by following this link.

I’ve engaged in my fair share of bartering too. You come across quite a few hitchhikers on the open road and I have a hard time just passing them by. I’ve hitched a few times myself and know how demoralizing it can be. And out in the desert it can be downright dangerous to be struck on the side of the road for two long in that searing sun. So I pick folks up when I have the room and ask that they help clean the bus when we get into town. It always works out well and we usually share a pint afterwards and swap stories. Good times!

Have you come up with another innovative way to pay for a trip? If so, “Good on ya”!

Medical Emergency On My Bus

As a long-time Australian tour bus driver, I am no stranger to medical mishaps and emergencies. However, my history did not prepare me for a heart-wrenching situation on a recent tour when I encountered a lovely woman suffering the debilitating aftermath of transvaginal mesh surgery.

The tour began as any other. I had readied my passengers for our journey by reciting a few bus rules along with treating them to some of my wit and charm. Not long into our journey, I noticed a solo traveller sitting near the front looking abnormally uncomfortable. While it is not uncommon for passengers to experience restlessness during a tour, this woman appeared to be in real pain. Despite being a striking woman with impeccable features, her expression was strained as she grimaced throughout the drive.

Upon reaching our first rest stop, the woman remained seated as all other passengers exited the bus. Concerned, I asked if she was feeling alright. Politely, she explained that she would normally be enjoying such a scenic journey but medical difficulties prevented her from doing so. She’d hoped to weather the tour favourably, as she was seeking some enjoyment during an emotionally and physically painful time in her life. Curious, I asked her what she had endured.

Stating that it is normally not her style to be so candid with a stranger about a medical issue, she went on to say she felt her story was worth detailing at every chance to save other women from suffering the same fate.

Ten months prior to our conversation on the bus, she had opted for surgery to correct her issue with stress urinary incontinence. She consented to her doctor implanting a transvaginal mesh inside her to create a sort of sling for the bladder. She was led to believe the procedure would completely cure her issues with incontinence and was unaware of the horrible side effects ahead of her.

Shortly after the procedure, she began experiencing pain. The pain was moderate at first, but escalated to the point she was no longer able to carry out daily functions. Pain killers did not alleviate the pain she felt.

She informed me that a common occurrence with transvaginal mesh placement is that it often pierces the vaginal wall or erodes into the vagina. This not only leads to intolerable pain, but also makes one susceptible to infection and bleeding.

After she thanked me for listening, I promised to share this story when given the chance and apologized for not being able to lessen her discomfort. Her story frustrated me as I felt she was not fully informed prior to her procedure of possible side effects. I didn’t even know what transvaginal mesh was exactly until I did some research and read about it at

Upon learning more, I was shocked to discover the number of women with medical issues stemming from vaginal mesh. There were more side effects than she had detailed. I have since discussed this with females close to me as I feel this is something women must know.

How to Deal with Road Rage

Crazy drivers on the freeway with an angry face of road rage driverRoad rage is something that is becoming more and more common. It is nothing new to see a news story online or on the television stating that someone lost their temper and ended up doing damage to another vehicle or another driver. The definition of road rage is having rage while on the roadways that is directed at other motorists. Many people have road rage when someone cuts them off in traffic, when there is a lot of traffic or even when there is road construction that is making them late to where they need to be. For many people the idea of getting mad at these types of occurrence’s is strange, but for those who have road rage, it becomes harder and harder to not lose their temper. Dealing with road rage is something that everyone should be aware of. Road rage can be deadly if the person does not try to get help or help themselves.

Before you Lose It, Back Off

If you know that you are getting ready to lose your temper, be sure that you back off from the other driver. For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic it is better to be a few minutes late, drop behind on the road and take a few deep breaths. Count to ten if you must in order to get your temper under check. The idea is that through backing off right now you are going to avoid your temper exploding.

Vent your Frustration

There is nothing wrong with venting your frustration when you get stuck in traffic or when another driver is driving crazy. However, you need to learn to vent this appropriately. If at all possible hold onto this frustration until you are home and can talk to someone else. Many people have friends that they talk to just about other drivers. They are each others person to lean on to ensure that they are not holding all this frustration in, which can lead to someone losing their temper faster than anything.

Medical Condition

For those who find that their road rage is not cured by anything that they are doing, they may want to consider that this could be a medical issue. Studies have shown that those who have road rage may actually have an explosive personality disorder that causes them to fly off the deep end. Your doctor can look into this and what they can do in order to lessen your chances of having a breakdown or doing something destructive due to your road rage.

If you have road rage, learn ways to lower this. Road rage does not help anyone and it is one of the things that people fear when they are driving on the US roadways. Be sure that you have coping mechanisms that you can utilize to calm yourself. There are several online courses that can help drivers deal with road rage and even some videos that teach viewers how to deal with it. Everyone is different, thus it may take several different attempts to find something that works for you, but every attempt is another way to ensure that you are safe on the roads.

Safety Concerns On Public Roads

Bus touring through a busy city streetThere are several safety issues that people have when ti comes to public roads. Every year there are hundreds of people who are killed, while thousands are injured. It seems that it takes a significant number of people to be hurt or killed before anything is done to fix the safety issue at hand, which is sad, but simply the truth.

Pedestrian Issues

There are several pedestrian issues that are present on public roads. Many people complain that there are no set times in which they can safely cross the street, or that drivers simply do not pay attention to them. Other people complain about the lack of sidewalks on these public roads that leads to cars coming dangerously close to those who may be walking. The number of accidents that involve pedestrians are often the most deadliest, as a person is no match for a car.

Traffic Issues

The amount of traffic on public roads these days is one reason why so many people do not feel safe any longer. Due to traffic, it is not uncommon to see fender benders as people hurry when there is really no where to go. In addition, the number of traffic lights seems to be closer together making for even more hurried drivers trying to get through the light, and more traffic trying to get into the main roads.


Those who utilize a bicycle, often have the same issues as pedestrians. However, according to the driving laws, bicyclers have just as much freedom to the road as a car. The sad part is that most drivers do not recognize this as the law. Instead, they may get to close to the rider, intimidate the rider off the road, or simply run the rider off the road on their own. It has become more and more dangerous for people to bike on any road that does not have its own designated bike line.

Road Rage

Road rage has recently become a new safety concern when it comes to public roads. So many people are driving these days, and it seems that everyone is under the stress of life and often are a bit short tempered. There have been instances of people getting killed for cutting someone off in traffic. It is this type of behavior that people are having to deal with when they are on the public roads.

What Can You Do?

With all of these safety concerns, most people wonder about what they can do in order to feel better and safer while on the roads. For one, be safe while you are driving. This means obeying the traffic laws, watching out for pedestrian and those who are riding bicycles, and above all else, keep your temper under check. Secondly, if you see someone who is causing problems on the roads, pull over and call the police with a detailed description of what the person is driving and what they are doing. If you do not tell someone, you cannot expect for anything to get done

Health Issues Associated With Driving Long Distances

Car WreckThere are many people who travel long distances throughout the year. Those who travel for business or even those who are drivers for companies often spend more time on the road than they do at home. There are several health issues that are associated with driving long distances, and these health issues can make the person age faster, affect their overall health and even lead to a sooner death. It is important that those who drive long distances still ensure they are eating healthy and getting what they need to ensure their health. The following five health issues are often seen in those who drive long distances.

1. Vision issues

Those who drive long distances are staring at the road for hours on end. This can lead to eye strain. For those who make a living with driving, they are going to find that they could develop vision issues related to their night vision due to so much eye strain.

2. Back Problems

Back problems are probably one of the most seen health issues that those who drive long distances will have. This is because the person sits in the same position hour after hour. This is why the rule of stopping every two hours to stretch your legs is in place. Yet, those who drive for a living often avoid this rule and do not stop in order to make better time.

3. Nutrition Deficits

When a person drives for a living or they simply spend more time on the road than most people, they are going to develop nutrition problems. The reason for this is that the person will most often grab a bite to eat at the nearest fast food restaurant, or they will simply snack on items that they find at gas stations. This is not nutritious, and the person that does this increases their risk of health problems related to the wrong nutrition.

4. Urinary Problems

Those who drive frequently are often dehydrated, yet they do not realize this since they do live such a sedentary life. The problem is that they are making the kidneys work overtime. It is not uncommon to find truck drivers, bus drivers or those who drive frequently for work have kidney issues that will affect them later in life.

5. Obesity

Obesity is a huge health issue for those who spend a lot of times on the roads. All of the nutrition problems they have, combined with staying in the same position for hours on end is why these people tend to be considered obese. In order to avoid this, a person who drives for long distances should ensure that they are getting physical exercise to counteract their driving. Most physicians recommend that a person get at least three hours per week of activity that is rather strenuous in order to avoid the health issues that accompany driving for long period of time and long distances.

If you do drive for long distances, be sure that you are playing it safe and stopping for good food, to stretch your legs and give your eyes a rest. Your body will thank you for it later.